Carry the Cure

Carrying a message of Hope to Village Alaska and beyond since 1996.

» Project Needs:

Iditarod Outreach 2018 Funding: $40,500

On March 15 - March 23, Carry the Cure will present it's 9th annual Iditarod Outreach.

The 2018 outreach will include 9 villages. Please help us to continue this vital outreach that saves lives!

The cost to parter with MARC's two planes (1 Caravan and 1 King Air: 9 days, 9 villages, 9 team members, and 3 pilots), take 2100 lbs. of music equipment, other equipment, supplies, material and food, and bring a highly qualified team cost: $40,500

CTC has visited 7-9 communities each year during our Iditarod Outreach. Below is a list of the communities by year:

EV/EV 2020:

Carry the Cure plans to vist every village in Alaska with its "Committed to Life" suicide prevention program by the year 2020. So far, we've visited about a third of the villages in Alaska. In the villages we have visited, there has been a zero occurance of suicides among the students that have participated in our program. Please help by praying, giving and going. Your partnership can make all the difference.

Each outreach costs between $3,000 and $35,000 depending on the size of team, the length of the trip and the distance from our home base in Palmer, AK.

Boarding School Visits:

Carry the Cure plans to vist the three boarding schools in Alaska once a year. The three boarding school are located in Sitka, Galena and Nenana.

Carry the Cure also plans to visit Mt. Edgecumbe, Hoonah and Southeast Alaska sometime before the end of the 2018 school year. Total cost of this project for our 7 member team that includes Broken Walls will be $7,500.


AKOneDay is a movement that Carry the Cure, Inc. is partnering with in Alaska. This movement will ignite, activate, and awaken the church through prayer, equipping, and (events) mobilization for the harvest, leading up to a massive outreach effort where gospel will be preached simultaneously throughout every city, town, and village in Alaska. For more information, please visit the AKOneDay website at

» Financial Needs:

We are in need of monthly givers, project givers, and one-time donations.

» Equipment Needs:

» Local Support:

Carry the Cure needs an office worker (10 hrs./week)

Carry the Cure could use local volunteers to help us organize, pack, and label equipment for teams before we travel.

Carry the Cure could use volunteers to share the vision about Carry the Cure with others that can use our services or partner with us.

Bill Pagaran's family has a disabled daughter and is always looking for good, female respite workers to hire through the agencies we use. Please contact us directly at (907) 745-8295.

» Prayer Warriors:

The Carry the Cure team knows that nothing is accomplished without prayer. We are in need of prayer warriors that can commit to praying for our families, teams, needs and the principalities we face.