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Carrying a message of Hope to Village Alaska and beyond since 1996.

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Iditarod Outreach

In the 1920’s there was an epidemic of diphtheria that was threatening to wipe out the people in Western Alaska.  Today there is an epidemic of depression and suicide that is threatening to wipe out our youth and Alaskan Natives.  Just as mushers raced to carry the serum to those villages in Western Alaska, we race to carry a message of life, hope and love that saves youth and others from acts of self harm.

Each year we partner with MARC (Missionary Aviation Repair Center) who provides planes and pilots to help us visit villages along the Iditarod Trail and Serum Trail to carry this urgent message of hope.  In each village we will present our “committed to life” suicide prevention school assembly.  In the evening, we will have a community concert with Broken Walls.

Broken Walls, an internationally known Native American band, has been nominated for many Native American Music Awards and Aboriginal Awards, and has won two of these prestigious awards.  They enthusiastically share their music and messages that bring hope, restoration and unity to indigenous people throughout the world.

Carry the Cure focuses on connecting all of the community resources within a village, as well as resources outside a village.  If we can connect clinicians, elders, administrators, educators, clergy, parents and youth with a message of hope we can end suicide in our state. 

Project Goal:
The CTC goal is to have presented our "Committed to Life" suicide prevention program to every village along the Iditarod Trail by 2015. By 2016, CTC plans to have visited every village along the original Serum Run of 1925 which also includes Seward. The hope and goal is to end the epidic of suicide in the state of Alaska.


Mentoring Through Activities Projects

Carry the Cure mentors students through many activities such as music, native dance, native art, native cultural projects, outdoor survival, hiking, fishing and camping. Please contact the Carry the Cure office, visit our website regularly, sign up for our newsletters and watch our Facebook page for upcoming mentoring events.